Most Kentuckians understand that Physicians are the most well-educated and trained health care professionals. They receive more than 11,000 hours of education and training before they can practice medicine without supervision. That commitment to our health is the reason we call them our "doctors."

What is the benefit of all this MD & DO training?

      The human body is incredibly complex, and there are millions of potential health problems that can arise.

      Because their depth of knowledge is so much deeper, physicians are trained to deal with rare or severe medical issues, potential complications, and dangerous drug interactions.

      Better Diagnosis - Their vast experience makes them better equipped to diagnose the full extent of unusual injuries and diseases. Recognizing symptoms, and making an accurate diagnosis, can save you a great deal of time, money and physical discomfort.

      Safer Surgeries - Even simple operations hold the potential for serious complications. Having an experienced physician on hand can help prevent these complications from becoming dangerous or even life-threatening.

      More Effective Medications - Thousands of prescription drugs have improved the lives of many. But prescriptions taken in the wrong combination, given in excessive doses, or prescribed for the wrong illnesses can be deadly. Physicians have a background in biochemistry that can make medications safer and more effective.

Do Physicians and Non-Medical Doctors ever work together?

      Yes. Hospitals and private practices may offer health care teams, with physician assistants, nurse practitioners and others providing quality basic care. Having a physician leading your team guarantees you will get the level of care and expertise you deserve.

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